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Zeiss 10mm T2.1

Zeiss 14mm T2.1

Zeiss 18mm T1.3

Zeiss 25mm T1.3

Zeiss 35mm T1.3

Zeiss 50mm T1.3

Zeiss 65mm T1.3

Zeiss 85mm T1.3

Zeiss 100mm T2.1

Zeiss 135mm T2.1

Zeiss 180mm T3.0

Zeiss 300mm T3.0

Duclos 11-16 zoom T2.8

Tokina 11-20 zoom T2.9

NASA 9-27 zoom T3.8

Cooke 25-250 zoom T4

All S35 and in PL mount

Zeiss 9.5mm T1.3

Zeiss 12mm T1.3

Zeiss 16mm T1.3

Zeiss 25mm T1.3

Zeiss 11-110mm zoom T2.2

All S16 and in PL mount


Blackmagic URSA 4.6k G2
Beaulieu super8
Bolex super16 PL
Blackmagic Micro PL
GoPro 7 Black
Aaton LTR
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